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Static code analysis tool for VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog. Find bugs and improve maintainability of your IPs.

Based on SonarQube, the leader platform in clean code. Advanced tools from software development become available for the industry of electronic hardware.

Benefits for all stakeholders


Linty helps you write cleaner code.
DevOps ready with deep integration into your CI/CD pipelines (GitHub Workflows, GitLab CI, etc.) and Pull Request/Merge Request decoration.

Discover "clean as you code" method Discover DevOps capabilities

Project Manager

Project management and overall quality improvement are key for you?
Linty assists you with a synthesized view of quality indicators whenever you need it.

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Have you some top priority points of interest while auditing?
Save time by delegating part of your checks to Linty automatic analysis.

Manage your project

Multiple dashboards

To have a quick overview, review detailed information, follow trends or focus on new code.

Define your own requirements

Set your own quality gates, be notified when some requirements are not met.

Technical debt

Get effort estimation to meet your requirements, follow how technical debt evolves, focus on debt introduced on new code.

Manage your code

Get detailed issues

Detailed description, type, severity, status, assignee, effort to fix, navigation between locations, discussions

Define your own requirements

Activate/Deactivate rules, change severity, use different set of rules depending on the context.

Be accountable for the quality of your code

Issues automatically assigned to the proper designers based on commit information, pull request/merge request decoration.

Simple and transparent pricing

Always know what you'll pay

Team Production Enterprise Group Wide
Up to 50k Lines of Code

€ 6,000

Up to 250k Lines of Code

€ 30,000

Up to 500k Lines of Code

€ 75,000

Up to 1M Lines of Code

€ 150,000

Linter Included Included Included Included
Code Coverage Decorator Included Included Included Included
BugFinder + € 12,000 Included Included Included
Support + € 5,000 + € 10,000 Included Included
Linty Safety-Critical Not available + € 15,000 + € 30,000 Included
Custom Services On Demand On Demand On Demand On Demand

Pricing is per year, for an unlimited number of users and with a free access to updates

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